Emerge Project Update

November 13, 2016

After several years of prayer, discernment, planning and patience, the Emerge Project is becoming a full reality. The dirt pad for our new home is in place, and construction will begin within weeks. Finally, we will have the place we have dreamed of, the place that will allow us to become more fully who we already are. It will be special and inspiring. It will be like nothing else in the Charlotte region. It will become a vital centerpiece in the local community. And it will be HOME!

God’s provision throughout this entire process has been nothing short of amazing, and he continues to surprise and to provide. In his wise providence and perfect timing, he has given us 10 beautifully wooded acres and a house, which has been allowing extended ministry for the past two years. He has provided, through your faithful and generous giving, all of this to-date with absolutely no debt. And just recently, has has provided thousands of yards of high-quality dirt for our building pad, free and very close by, saving us thousands of dollars!

The following Q&A is to give you the known details of the project so you will be fully informed. The staff and active elders are all in unanimous agreement, and are extremely excited and knowledgable - please contact any of them if you need more details, or send an email to info@thresholdchurch.com.

Q: So, what are we building? And where is it?

A: A beautiful and inspiring worship center, large lobby, cafe and kitchen, restrooms, nursery and toddler rooms, and outdoor patio spaces. In addition, the current house will be re-designed and dedicated entirely to our children - their very own space! Our property address is 3501 Antioch Church Road in Weddington.

Q: What is this going to cost, and how will we pay for it?

A: The cost of the construction project is $2 million. The money will be borrowed from a local bank at very good terms, roughly 3.5% for 20 years. However, we intend to pay this back in far less time than that. The re-design of the kids’ house will be done with cash from our budget.

Q: How long will it take? When will we move in?

A: Our contractor expects to begin building mid-December, and have it ready by Labor Day 2017.

Q: Why aren’t we building the kids’ wing?

A: Our leadership has chosen to be very responsible financially in this initial phase, and to maximize the existing resource of the house we already own. Since the first phase of a project like this is always the most expensive,  the worship building will be constructed with all the necessary site work and elements, and the existing house will be fully dedicated to kids. We believe this will meet our existing needs without sacrificing any excellence, and position us to expand quickly once we are in the new space and the expected growth begins.

Q: Are there ways for me to be involved?

A: Yes! First, pray. A lot. Prayer has gotten us this far, and we will continue to depend on it.  Second, please keep the giving commitment you made at the beginning of 2016. If you are new, please make an annual giving commitment for 2017 and let us know what it is. This helps us plan. You can send your commitment to our Executive Pastor, Dr.  Richard Wilson: richard.wilson@thresholdchurch.com. Third, be on the lookout for invitations to participate in lighter construction projects, particularly in the kids’ house.

Threshold has a short but very rich history of getting people in front of Jesus. With limited resources and no physical space to call our own, God has always provided enough and has allowed us the joy of reaching hundreds if not thousands of people, down the street and around the world. Our vision has never wavered and God has been intensely faithful. With the construction of our new home, we will become more fully who we already are. Our presence will be more permanent. Our impact will be more powerful. Our love will be more widespread. If you aren’t incredibly excited about all this, check your pulse!

Dr. Jeff Gardner
Lead Pastor