Picture a movement of real, everyday people who are completely sold out to knowing and loving God and their communities. They don’t buy into the notion that real life is found in what they acquire, but in personally knowing and serving a real, living and personal God.

They don’t hide out in a fancy building and just play church once a week. They pursue relationships with other real people, and they are relentless in their efforts to influence their environments by living lives of high integrity, morals and values – every day, everywhere. And if you ask them why they behave this way, they’ll tell you: they follow Jesus.

They are authentic. Their most common posture is one of open arms, because that is the posture of welcome and acceptance, a posture which persuades people to be real, the way God created them to be. It’s the posture of Jesus, and reflecting Jesus is why this movement exists.

They are risk-takers and dreamers, who are never content with the status quo. While the truth of their message never changes, they are constantly driven to create new and innovative ways to capture the imaginations of those who have yet to join them.

They sincerely care about others – age, race, gender, nationality, salary, even past mistakes make no difference. They sacrifice their comfort zones in order to bring light into the dark lives of others who are poor, oppressed, hungry, sick, guilt-racked, lonely, forgotten and lost. To know these people is to know they care.

They don’t operate alone. They draw strength from one another by worshiping, studying, serving, praying and living life together. They accept, comfort, lead, heal, teach, protect, challenge, strengthen, and restore one another, as each relationship requires.

The people of this movement change the lives of other real people in their own families, their neighborhoods, their schools, their businesses, and their social arenas.

How and why does this happen?

Because Jesus has sent and empowered them to do so.

This is a real picture. It’s called Threshold.