An easy way to begin serving is to do so on a Sunday morning. Not only will this include you in the mission of the church, but it is also a great way to plug in and get to know others quickly. 


Opportunities to Serve on Sunday Include:

Set-Up: Members of a set-up team arrive at 7:30am on Sunday mornings and convert an empty gym into a sacred place of worship by setting up stage, screen, chairs and kids areas. 

Design Team: Transform an ordinary gym into a place of worship through decor and artwork.

Greeters:  Greeters arrive at 9:30 am to pray for those who will visit and then to serve as hosts for the morning.

Coffee Team: Coffee makers arrive around 9:00 and brew the coffee.

Kids: Kids team members lead children up through 5th grade and/or take care of the babies. Those who serve in this area are required to complete a background check.