A threshold is defined as a doorway, a transition point, or a new beginning. We believe each of these have vivid implications for the spiritual life. Whether you are meeting God for the first time or losing for a change in your life, we welcome you to take the next step in your journey.


Threshold's logo reflects our four core values: Intimacy with God, Integrity of Self, Infusion with other Christians and, Influence on our environments.Each value begins with the letter "I," and when put together, they form a cross, reminding us that Christ is central in all we do.


OUR MISSION: Getting Others in Front of Jesus  

There is a story in Mark 2 which serves as the visual foundation for our mission. It’s a story of four people bringing a paralyzed friend to Jesus, hoping and expecting that if they can get him in front of Jesus, he will be healed. When they arrive at the house where Jesus is teaching, it’s packed and they can’t get in.  So they go up on the flat roof and cause a commotion by digging a hole in it and lowering their friend down – right in front of Jesus! From there, this paralyzed friend has his sins forgiven and his body is made whole. He receives new life, and the community celebrates and glorifies God! (see Mark 2:12)